Refectocil, Skin Protection Cream

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Instructions: Refoctocil Cream – for lasting beauty! Your skin must be taken care of daily to keep it healthy and beautiful. Skin that is constantly exposed to aggressive substances, harmful environmental influences, stress or UV radiation, requires special care to maintain the skin’s protection mechanism. The caring Refoctocil Cream with Vitamin E and D-Panthenol has been developed to protect you skin. Refoctocil Cream makes your skin more resistant to the daily stresses and helps it look soft, fresh and beautiful. Refoctocil Cream penetrates quickly, rebuilds your natural oils and is water repellent.
3 different application areas:

Dyeing of eyelashes: Refoctocil Cream is very suitable as a protective cream for the sensitive eyelids when you dye your eyelashes.

Hand cream: Refoctocil Cream is an ideal hand cream for people working in the industry of hairdressing and cosmetics and for anyone whose hands are daily exposed to severe stress.

Skin Cream: RefectoCil Creme cleans your body smoothly and efficiently and is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Package size: 75ml

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