Brow Growy, brow growth serum BH Brow Henna

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Brow Growy BH Brow Henna

This eyebrow’s growth stimulator ensures active eyebrow growth, which helps the brows to recover in a short period of time. Thanks to its balanced natural ingredients, Brow Growy provides additional nutrition, which enhances the hair from the inside. With powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties, the stimulator reliably strengthens the recovery process, making the eyebrows beautiful and voluminous.

Instructions before use:

Thoroughly clean the eyebrow area. Use a special brush, apply oil on the eyebrows from the inside to the outside and massage for 1.5-2 minutes.

BH brow growing ingredients: linoleic acid and oleic acid, alkaloids, flavonoids, quercetin, fat, polyunsaturated acids, amino acids and vitamins a, c, e, k, as well as micro and macro elements.

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